Rochdale - General Election 2019

Atifa  Shah

Atifa Shah

Rochdale Constituency

With an already proven track record of helping Rochdale, and a former Youth Member of Parliament for Rochdale, Atifa is a world-renowned businesswoman who has backed charitable projects for organisations such as Princes Trust, British Asian Trust, Oxfam, and Barnardo’s, amongst others. She has over 10 years’ experience operating at executive board level in both the public and private sectors, and is a trusted adviser to multinational corporations, family offices, governments and NGOs.

“It is time to give democracy the respect that it deserves, and to give the people of Rochdale the platform and voice that we have failed to get under Labour. I know what our residents worry about because I worry about the same things. We don’t need the same results that Labour has always delivered in this town; underinvestment and under supported, we deserve more. Today, I ask you to pledge with me to stand up for our rights, Rochdale deserves better, let me show you how Rochdale can be transformed.”

The local Rochdale lass, from the age of 17, has been trying to raise the aspirations of young people from the side-lines through her role as Regional Vice Chairman for the Prince’s Trust, Mosaic Initiative, designed to help young people growing up in deprived areas, and has raised over £1.4m for charities since 2010. She has also established and chaired successful corporate networks at organisations including Accenture and Worldpay to encourage diversity and outreach to forgotten towns like Rochdale.

“I have spent over a decade in business; contributing to government policies and supporting numerous philanthropic and charitable initiatives all with a common theme of empowerment. I have a great network and established a presence with leading organisations. It’s now time for my community to benefit from all this hard work and bear its fruits. We need bold ambitious plans for Rochdale, and I am here to ensure that my Rochdale prospers, grows, and becomes a hub of opportunity for the talent we have here. I intend to lead with presence.”

Having been elected as Youth MP for Rochdale in 2005, where she grew up, whilst still in full-time education, she contributed to key government initiatives and policies and led many campaigns including one which led to the opening of Rochdale Sixth Form. She tirelessly fought the Labour Government in 2007 against the closure of Rochdale infirmary, and has mentored hundreds of young people in Rochdale in business, career and education progression since. She was also on the board for Link4Life for over a decade and a Sixth Form Governor at Rochdale Sixth Form.

“We live in a time where politics is truly broken, parliament is paralysed, and I think you will find many people like me, who thought they could make more of a difference outside of politics, are now beginning to realise that we need to step up bring real representation to parliament.”

Atifa’s 6-point plan for Rochdale is:

  1. Get Brexit Done. Our people voted for Leave. This is no longer just about Brexit, but about democracy - the very foundations of our country.
  2. Build a stronger local economy. With quality jobs and investment in our communities and town centre, I will use my network to bring business opportunities and investment to Rochdale.
  3. Support our young people. Investing in training and entrepreneurship support and boosting our schools with an extra £14 billion funding will help people take advantage of new jobs and opportunities locally.
  4. Supporting the NHS workforce to continue delivering world class care with a £210million funding boost for frontline staff, I will ensure our Maternity unit and A&E are re-opened.
  5. Tackle drugs and crime. It’s time to send a clear message to criminals, with 10,000 extra prison places and giving the police the powers they need to make us safer and more secure.
  6. Protecting the greenbelt and fighting for good quality homes on brownfield sites first. We should have affordable housing in our own communities.


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