Local Election 2022

Welcome to the Rochdale Online Local Election Special 2022.

Once again we are inviting candidates to submit their election 'pitch'; that is, why they believe they should be a ward councillor and why you should vote for them on 5 May.

View a list of candidates and their pitch if they have submitted one.

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The local council is responsible for a surprising number of services that you use and rely on every day, from housing to street lighting, education to pub licensing, parking to care for the elderly. That's why your vote can make a real difference.

Candidates should email their pitch and a profile photo to for inclusion on the site.

PartyNo. of CandidatesNo. of Pitches SubmittedPercentage
Labour 57 20 35%
Liberal Democrat 37 27 73%
Conservative 36 24 67%
Middleton Independents 15 14 93%
Green 10 7 70%
Labour and Co-operative Party 3 2 67%
Independent 1 0 0%
Freedom Alliance 1 0 0%

How To Vote

In the UK there are three different ways you can vote:

You can find out how to vote on The Electoral Commission web site


Electoral Registration Office:

Elections Team
Governance and Committee Services
Floor 2
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
OL16 1XU

If you have any questions, call 0300 303 0345 or email

Local Election 2022