Rochdale - General Election 2019

Chris  Green

Chris Green

The Brexit Party
Rochdale Constituency

My name is Chris Green and I’m representing the Brexit Party in the forthcoming General Election for the parliamentary constituency of Rochdale.

I have 50 years of affiliation with Rochdale, having lived here in the 70’s and 80’s before working abroad in the oil industry, but still rotating out of Wardle and later Milnrow. I returned full time in 2013 and now live in Denshaw. So Rochdale you are very close to my heart and was very happy and proud to stand for Parliament in this constituency when asked.

Why am I standing is always an early question asked. That’s quite an easy answer. Primarily I believe in democracy , equality and sovereignty. All these three principles have and are being taken away from the good people of Rochdale by their current and previous parliamentary representatives.

Rochdale voted nearly 60% majority to leave the EU. Labour have continuously ignored the democratic vote , and turned their back on the community. I will fight for Rochdale and help to make certain those democratic votes are carried out in full. The constituency of Rochdale traditionally for many decades has returned , in earlier years Liberal , and latter years Labour candidates to Parliament with large majorities and therefore the Conservative Party have little or no chance of winning the seat. However The Brexit party has every chance.

So In Rochdale please note a Tory vote is a Labour vote. The Brexit party has stood down more than 300 candidates in order to ensure the implementation of a proper Brexit. Here in Rochdale, and in other Labour heartland constituencies the Tories should have stood down their candidates.

The community is getting sicker and sicker of broken promises , failure to deliver and just being downright ignored by the current regime. As you all may know Nigel Farage has delivered a Contract, not a manifesto, which basically for so long has been a list of promises to be broken as soon as the elections are over. The contract can be delivered, and is binding. 

The Contract with the People makes clear that clean break Brexit is the key to changing Britain for good, giving us immediate control of our laws, borders, money, fishing and defence. It sets out our priorities from starting a political revolution to cutting the cost of living and investing in our communities and the future.

The political revolution is designed to reform our currently very much out of date political system, plus replacing the current House of Lords with a democratically elected body to carry out legitimate political business. Leaving the undemocratic EU is just the beginning for our great country. 

We want fundamental democratic reforms to fix our broken political system to make Parliament serve the people, and this also means investing in you here in Rochdale. Bringing industry to local areas, improving schools and very very importantly the NHS. 

The NHS is very high on our agenda. To assist with the increased funding we propose we will charge non UK citizens for the incredible service we provide, we will stop non UK citizens coming here just to have costly treatments then leave until next time. Visitors must have travel insurance to come here as we all have to travel abroad. It’s simple common sense but will save us billions. The Contract is available on line and gives more detail.

Rochdale, we are the party to see Brexit through, we need MP’s in Parliament to make sure Boris carries out his promises and that we leave on our terms. Rochdale there is a bright future but not with the current regime. 

Let's make UK and Rochdale great again.


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