Rochdale - General Election 2019

Sarah Louise Croke

Sarah Louise Croke

Rochdale Constituency

I have lived in Rochdale all my life and am active within many community groups here.  In particular, I am a keen supporter or Rochdale Music Service, where both my children are young musicians.  

As the Green Party candidate for Rochdale, I want to champion cleaner air, better transport and ensure every policy that is discussed or implemented considers the impact on our environment, our health and all our children. I care deeply about our local transport, air quality, housing, public health and social care and increasing the support available for people to participate in activities that have been shown to support mental health and wider wellbeing i.e. nature, sport and arts activities. 

I want to work towards creating a more caring society where everybody feels valued and has equal opportunities. If elected, I will represent the concerns and priorities of people in this constituency as I work towards creating a more caring society that respects both the people and the places we all live in.

We are currently facing some of the biggest challenges of our time and everything needs to improve; from transport, air quality and housing to public health, social care and wider wellbeing. The Green Party’s ‘Green New Deal’ for the North West has a plan to regrow our communities, our public services and leave no one behind. We also need to preserve our greenbelt and open spaces as once this green land is lost it will never be replaced; and we need to make it easier for people to live healthy, fulfilling, sustainable lives.

The truth is the climate emergency is the single most important issue we face in this election. We only have 10 years left to avoid catastrophic climate change, so what we do in the next 5 years is going to be the most important. It is no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when we are prepared to tackle this. The longer we wait for action the harder and more expensive it will be to meet our essential targets.

This election is the last chance to take the first steps down the only path which can safeguard our futures.  

If not now, when?

The Green Party plan for Rochdale:
•    Protect and restore our nature and countryside
•    Provide secure homes for rent with the best environmental standards
•    Make public transport a real alternative to private cars
•    Create safe and attractive active travel routes
•    End university tuition fees
•    Restore the NHS
•    Support small businesses
•    Deliver Green New Deal North West


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