Rochdale - General Election 2019

Tony  Lloyd

Tony Lloyd

Rochdale Constituency

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to stand once again for election as Rochdale's Member of Parliament.

Since I was elected in 2017, I have helped many of Rochdale's residents and worked with community groups, local businesses and local councillors.

Whatever your political preference, we all have one thing in common. We believe this election is the most important chance we’ve got to bring about change for the better and improve Rochdale's local services, and build stronger communities.

The choice is clear. Five more years of damaging and brutal austerity kick-started by the Tories (and LibDems), which has already seen our schools left underfunded, and our NHS whose brilliant medical professionals can no longer properly cope and offer the sick the care they need. Years of underinvestment in our railways have let us at the mercy of private sector incompetence.

Or you can choose hope. Labour’s costed plans will see us rebuild our shattered public services and invest in the technologies and jobs of the future and make our country a global leader in combatting climate change.

And on Brexit, we’ll reject PM Johnson’s dangerous plans which will let US pharmaceutical and health companies into our NHS. Labour will renegotiate a deal that protects trade, jobs, environmental and food standards, as well as rights at work. A workable Brexit or Remain: let the people decide.

We have the chance to build a better society where everyone can get on in life and share our nation’s prosperity. That's what a Labour government will bring, and I will continue to be the strong voice to ensure Rochdale gets its fair share.


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